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KFB Waste Segregation Project

by Manvel Alur​​​​​​​​​

All About Trash -  for kids


Vasundhara Das

talk on waste segregation



Media Center

December 2015 garbage crisis

by News9

KMB in the news

by News9

101.3 AIR FM Rainbow - 16/12/2015
00:00 / 00:00

2bin1bag on 101.3 FM

with Dr. Shanthi and Smita Kulkarni

94.3 Radio One Bangalore - 24/1/2015
00:00 / 00:00

2bin1bag on 94.3 FM

with MJ Rakesh and MJ Prithvi

SWM Videos

I Got Garbage

by MindTree Ltd.


Easy Home Composting - Aerobic

by Vani Murthy


Segregate Your Waste

by I Go​​​​​​​t Garbage​​​

Easy Home Composting - Anaerobic

by Smartbin

 Mandur Landfill

Mandur: Hell on Earth Part 1

by Deccan Herald

Mandur: Hell on Earth Part 2

by Deccan Herald



 Mavallipura Landfill

Garden City to Garbage City

by Jake Sorel


by Anand Yadwad

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