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#RefuseDisposables #MyChoice CAMPAIGN

Children are the best way to make any message heard and this initiative has been all about children vocalizing what world they want to inherit. One time disposables present a major problem in waste management as they are used indiscriminately and are non recyclable. They end up in the landfills where they choke the soil and emanate toxic leachates.


Children can join hands to spread awareness about this looming problem and encourage eateries to adopt more eco-friendly practices. It is upto us adults to take the cue and join them in their dream of a better world.

Take the Pledge Today!

Download this Pledge Card and carry it with you. Each Pledge counts and together we can make a difference.


* REFUSE to accept PLASTIC CARRY BAGS. Carry your own bags.


* REFUSE to wrap gifts in SHINY LAMINATED PAPER. These are not recyclable. Choose eco-friendly alternatives like newspaper or hand-made paper.


* REFUSE to eat/drink in STYROFOAM/PLASTIC/PAPER tableware. Carry your own reusable tableware like steel/ceramic cups, spoons. plates etc.


* Get 3 more friends to join this campain by posting on your social media/email groups or gifting them the Pledge Card.


* Share pictures of how you refused disposables at 2bin1bag facebook page.

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