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4000+ tons
waste generated
per day
toxic landfills surrounding the city
24 lakh tons
mixed waste across
these landfills

Bangalorians collective crime - The Mandur, the name is everywhere you look. So much so that you have become numb to it. The people at Mandur however are beyond numb. They have been suffering for too long. Toxic air, water and land, diseases and a slow death are their lot. The once happy, vibrant village has only two colours now - the grey of toxic smoke and the red of shame - our shame.


Mandur was presented as the solution to Bangalore's garbage crisis. An avoidable crisis that precipitated by years and years of mismanagement of waste. What we ended up doing was drowning the lives of some unsuspecting villagers with tons of mixed waste from our urban world. By the time they realised the gravity, their water, land and air had been poisoned. They protested with all their might while the powers that be negotiated more time in return for drinking water and other utilities. Promises that blended well with the smokescreen over the village.


Several failed deadlines later, the govt has finally committed to Dec 1st as the date when Mandur will stop being the city's dumping ground. The residents are so struggle-weary they are afraid to hope. Even if the govt sticks to the deadline, who will clear up the mess that is left behind? Who will win them back their right to potable water and a fertile land and a disease free childhood to their kids? The answers are not forthcoming.


Let’s Stop this here, not create another Mandur-In the meantime, the BBMP is busy scouting for another village to prey on.  Village after village is being converted into toxic wastelands in this quest for an instant solution. No villagers want to house our waste.  Why should they? Who gave us the right to contaminate their lives in the name of keeping our surroundings sterile? 

Once Mandur and other landfills shut down, where will the city's garbage go? Nowhere! They will start getting burnt in never-ending piles all over the city, giving birth to countless little urban Mandurs. Is this what we want to give back to this beautiful city that has given us so much? Definitely not! We cannot allow this travesty to happen. Lets us citizens give a clear message to BBMP that it cannot continue to collect mixed waste anymore, thereby creating the need for landfills.


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