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Who we are


Long before PM Narendra Modi announced the Swacch Bharat campaign,  a group of us, ordinary citizens like you, were deeply troubled by the gross mismanagement of waste in our country. A mismanagement which manifested as rotting, toxic landfills, littered streets and burning piles of garbage.


Inspired by trailblazers such as the SWMRT (Solid Waste Management Round Table) group who have done an incredible amount of work in this area and initiatives like Wake up Clean up Bangalore headed by Kalpana Kar, we decided to form citizen groups that would work proactively with the government at finding solutions. The relentless efforts of pioneers such as Mr Ramakant and Ms Almitra Patel motivated us greatly to do our bit to help our city. Across Bengaluru city, there are several such motley groups  who have been inspired similarly and are working to transform their neighbourhoods. This is an effort to bring all such citizen initiatives under the same umbrella so that we can share our learnings and thereby build on our strengths, while creating a cohesive movement working for a clean city.

No other city has witnessed the birth of a unique movement like this for a larger cause. In an increasingly cynical world, the 2bin1bag movement  shows us the positive difference that can be made by citizen initiatives coming together  to achieve the dream of a garbage-free city without the need for landfills  and ultimately a country free from the stigma of garbage. Join us now! Be the inspiration!

Our Vision


  • We envisage segregation at source to be a simple, effective and crucial first step in the processing of waste.

  • We want waste management to be decentralised at the ward level so that there is no need for landfills which infringe on the basic rights and freedom of people elsewhere.

  • We envision a zero waste Bengaluru and eventually a zero waste Bharat, where everyone owns their waste and works to reduce it.


So wake up and own up Bengaluru! Reduce, Reuse and Recycle your waste. Lets reclaim our city and our country, 2bin1bag  at a time!


Be the change


  • Be aware of the problem.     Urban Crisis

  • Initiate SWM in your community.    Get Started

  • Join a neighbourhood forum and be part of the discussion.     Citizen Forums

  • Spread awareness in your community.    Resources

  • Use eco-friendly alternatives.     Eco Retailers

  • Celebrate without guilt.     Zero Waste Events

  • Provide feedback.    Contact Us


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