green the red and don't leave babies in shit!

The dirty whispers that are not pampering us!

We nowadays have "Life Skill" classes in schools where we are told to ditch our traditional cloth and other means of managing the menstrual blood and shift to disposable sanitary pads. Government programs actually donate pads to girls! Take a minute and think what does disposable mean? Where does the pad go? And while it is between your legs, what toxic chemical soup your delicate skin is absorbing and its future disease causing impact. 

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Where to Buy?

Disposable diapers are the best for your babies if you can afford it? WRONG!

Are we really doing what's best for babies and their future?

    Beware of these...

Diapers and sanitary pads that claim compostability

Cheap Chinese imitations

Fungal infections

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Menstrual Cloth Pads